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February 2016 – Urban Tymes Magazine

March 2016 – Urban Tymes Magazine


Mind Your Business Radio – Treasures in Real Estate

MYB Welcomes Mr. Jon Reid of Allen Reid Enterprises, LLC. Jon is a real estate investor, and a partner in a venture called HouseJerk, which is a networking system for people involved in all facets of the real estate industry. HouseJerk’s mission is to provide tools, information and business opportunities as they relate to real estate investing and create an online community of individuals interested in real estate.

Talk Zone Radio – Don’t Box Me In: Jonathan Reid and Don Jacobs

You may have seen programs like House Hunters or Flip this House. Well Jonathan Reid and Don Jacobs do that in real life. They share the story of how they got involved in real estate investing, and how that led to the creation of HouseJerk.

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